" Empower consumers and professionals, with access to decisive information at the right time, directly, anonymously, in a unique visual and interactive way."

Motivating Perception

Progressive cloud solutions


Yorenda is an end-to-end SaaS Company, specialized in developing content intense, native web platforms (app-less) available directly at any client device. Using a modern software development framework yorenda’s solutions achieve speed, customization and interactiveness across a vast variety of sector specific implementations (HORECA, RETAIL, SERVICES etc.)



We believe in simplicity as a principle both for the administrator and also for the end-user. None has the luxury to invest countless hours in learning a new  working environment and trying to remember every detail thereafter.



Although simple at first look it is designed  to serve the mission in the best way. Does what the user expects by the way it is expected to happen avoiding procedures that frustrate and misguide. Provides full functionality for the real world.



We build solutions that every professional or business could afford to pay and enjoy the maximum return on their investment. Solutions that not only provide better user experience but also capture valuable market insights impossible to monitor before.

Yorenda's misssion

" Empower consumers and professionals, with access to decisive information at the right time, directly, anonymously, in a unique visual and interactive way."

Motivating Perception. Powerful mobile devices and extended coverage of telecom networks enable us to create instant flows of organized information (visual and textual) anywhere, anytime. Users have matured enough to demand relevant content available directly without the hustle of downloading applications or going through mandatory registration procedures and popping windows. Engaging effectively at the “moments of truth” drastically enhances brand and offering perception.

Success without Drama. Although featuring trending concepts and technologies, yorenda’s philosophy is to: always keep it simple, down to earth, useful and affordable for the vast majority of the market; provide benefits that are straight and understandable at first sight without the need of a special audience; gain in-depth market insights and continuously improve to meet the “sweet spot” of progress and innovation at real life operations and procedures.


CHANGE ADVANTAGE is a key quality in all of the solutions. The core ability to respond by design to any need for change in content visualization or functionality is paramount for quick adoption of trends and Just-In-Time marketing.

Menu services is an Interactive menu directly on the mobiles of the guests without the need of application installation or user registration.


Markets : Ho.Re.Ca, FnB sector

InformMax is a situational wizard, designed to provide instant guidance for the user and a very easy control panel for the provider to input and organize valuable or critical location and procedural information


Cases: Public venues guide, buying guides, troubleshooting mobile manuals.

PromoViewer provides a non-intrusive way of informing visitors for current promotions directly on their mobiles.


Markets : Retail Parks, Malls, Super markets, Retail stores

MaklerCloud is a fully customizable proposal for all professionals involved in real estate,.

The best way to exclusively present and manage your properties for mobile users.


Markets : Retail Parks, Malls, Super markets, Retail stores

YorendaCloud is an additional solution for customers  that want their own application and media environment for use with their regular or customized yorenda solution.


Cases : Complex or international business environments with heavy workloads.

CustomCode is an extra development service offered by yorenda that can customize any of the existing solutions to your individual needs.

Customized visualization options , functionality enhancements or new add-ons are all parts of CustomCode.


Yorenda is a small in size but experienced cloud software and solutions company located near Munich, Germany. The main development office is in Athens, Greece, Although Yorenda is a relatively new business entity the core of the company has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of business application software, visual communication and   content production.  From our real world experience we have found out that the current user trends require direct delivery of relevant content without the need of downloading any application. What we also found out is that they don't want to share any personal or usage data just for the shake of browsing any informations. As devices, browsers and the underlying operating systems are providing excellent enabling technologies for building progressive web applications we became focused in providing the best possible solution to each individual market need.


Our Core  tech : end-to-end cloud solutions engine


Main advantages : Plug-ability, Infinite consumer visualizations, Continuous plugins offers / advancing functionality, (silent or add-on) for the professional (own store), Anonymous interactivity /polling, Bi-directional API, Instant platform upgrades and  updates.


Our core principles: Simple, Functional, Affordable


"Ownership to the owner and power to the user”


Yorenda GbR · Bürgermeister-Graf-Ring 29, 82538 Geretsried (Gelting), Germany

Tel. 0049 8171 9978380, info@yorenda.com

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